Visual Correspondents Foundation

The Visual Correspondents Foundation (Stichting Visuele Correspondenten) is an Amsterdam based foundation researching and initiating projects in which artists role as commentator on news and courant affairs is central.

In the last five years The Visual Correspondents Foundation has developed a number of high profile events founded on a desire to situate the work of visual artists more squarely in the public domain, both literally in terms of occupying high profile media platforms but more importantly by asking artists to address issues of immediate public concern, in short to become (if only for a short time) commentators on current affairs.

OOG 2004-2009
This approach started with the initiation of Oog in 2004, a commentary and opinion platform for the online edition of De Volkskrant. In ‘Oog’ every week a different artist working in sound and image is asked to respond to news and current affairs. The selection of artists participating has grown into a varied group of national and international artists working with very different forms of expertise and approaches. After each week, the work is placed in a growing archive, accessible at all times, which now contains more than 160 works created by more than fifty artists worldwide.

Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukács, Achterland, DE Volkskrant OOG 2005
Motomichi Nakamura, ‘The Levee’ De Volkskrant OOG 2005

Ooglive 2006
This live event took the notion of Oog one step further placing the artist in a staged show giving the role of intermediary and opinion leader in their hands for a live audience. By giving artists the role of critics, Ooglive places serious doubts upon the search for clarity and on the role and function of the news. This event took place in the Westergasfabriek Amsterdam and was part of PICNIC 2006. Ooglive presented from a single interface specifically designed by Joes Koppers, live streamed media, video works and live presentations onto one large centre screen surrounded by eight screens spread around a large hall.

ego battery

live presentation in Westergasfabriek
interface ooglive by Joes Koppers

Faith in Exposure 2007
The works created for Oog Live as well as the special interface were screened on a large screen as part of an international exhibition of art and political culture held at The Dutch Media Institute in 2007.

Visual Foreign Correspondents 2007-2008
In 2007 and 2008 the project Visual Foreign Correspondents showed a monthly series of audio-visual artworks for a number of screens based platforms and online environments. The works were created for the wider context of a year long series of public discussions on the changing nature globalization, The Globalised Crystal Ball hosted by de Balie, Amsterdam. Distinguished artists from around the world were invited to give their personal visual commentary on a specific issue from their locally situated perspective and each work was presented as part of the live debate.
These works were also shown over a period of a month on various public and urban screens inside and outside de Balie. Next to this they were presented on the LED urban screen CASZ, Zuidas in Amsterdam, ELF Restaurant and lounge of the temporary museum of modern art Amsterdam, Melbourne Urban Screen festival 2008 and Nottingham Urban Screen Festival 2009. Visual Foreign Correspondents were also presented in OOG, part of the online edition of De Volkskrant, daily newspaper in The Netherlands.

Visual Foreign Correspondents;
issue 4- Presentation by Igor Stromayer 2007
presentaion in 11, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
presentation VFC as part of Urban Screen Festival Melbourne 2008;
issue 4 by Igor Stromayer
VFC in Volkskrant OOG; issue 2 by Sharam Enthekabi 2007

Living Archives
The projects of the Visual Foreign Correspondents Foundation have created an enduring legacy in their online archive that have provided a substantial resource for art lovers and scholars alike.

• Oog, Ooglive and Visual Foreign Correspondents were initiated and coordinated by Nanette HoogslagOog was curated by Nanette Hoogslag, published and funded by De Volkskrant
• Ooglive was edited by David Garcia, dean Chelsea College of Art- London, Sasja Kooistra, art editor at The Volkskrant, Paradiso and Nanette Hoogslag, VFC, produced by Maarten Duinker- a Paradiso Production funded by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Cross Media Week Foundation, Stichting Democratie en Media, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Mondriaan Stichting, Stimuleringsfonds voor beeldende kunst, vormgeving en cultureel erfgoed. De Volkskrant was mediapartner of Ooglive. Annet Dekker, curator Netherlands Media Art Institute
• Visual Foreign Correspondents was edited and curated by Anette Dekker curator Dutch Instutute for Media Art (NIMK), Nat Muller independant curator, Petra Heck NIMK, David Garcia and Nanette Hoogslag.
It was funded by by Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten, VSB and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and De Balie, Amsterdam

WL Projects Berlin | Hong Kong

Culture is shaping the mind.

WL Project understands itself as a culture and space comprehensive project; being a basis for networking and discourse between Asia and Europe. We are searching for contemporary perspective in cultural activities to reconsider paradigms in understanding art and cultures. In particular art of Asian cultures is presented in European cultures under the effect of the west industrial art market and vice versa. WL Project is supposed to open the cultural exchange far in excess of these perspective and aims to enrich the dialogue between artists and audiences in order to broaden the understanding of contemporary art discourse.

Shahram Entekhabi, Artistic director and founder of WL Project, Artist and architect

Team Berlin
Dr. Isabel Arends, Art historian, Independent writer and critic
Kathrin Becker, Curatorial Advisor of WL Project, Art historian, curator and head of Video-Forum, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein
Andrea Sunder-Plassmann, Artist and curator, Professor at Alanus Art University
Berit Zemke, Artist and psychologist

Team Hong Kong
Leung Chi Wo, Hong Kong, Artist